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Wandora tool is a Java class containing a specific function such as Create topic or Export topic map in XTM format. Almost all functions of Wandora have an accountable tool. Tool manager enables Wandora user to manage tools in Wandora. Tool manager starts with menu option Tools > Tool manager. Selection the option opens Tool manager window. Next screen capture shows the Tool manager window.

Tool manager window

Tool manager window has four tabs

  • Tool sets
  • All tools
  • Paths
  • JAR paths

Tool sets

Tool sets tab is used to create and manage tool collections. Tool set is selected with drop down selector. New and Delete buttons beside selector are used to create and delete tool sets. However, user can not delete Wandora's default tool sets. Wandora's default tool sets are extractors, importers, extractors, generators, generic tools, and Default buttons. Default sets have a special function in Wandora. They have a well defined place in Wandora's user interface.

Tool is removed from a set by clicking the Delete button below the tool collection. New tool is added to the set by clicking Add tool button below the collection. Tool set can contain groups. You may think groups similar to file folders. A group is added to a set by clicking Add group button. Tools always have a well defined order in the set. You may move tools by dragging tools in collection.

Right clicking a tool in set reveals a context menu with options to execute tool class and view tool info for example (See image below). Executing a tool directly in tool manager requires a special note. As many tools need a context of topics or associations while executing, user should be careful as this context is not explicitly set while executing a tool directly in Tool manager. This suggest only tools that require no context can be successfully executed directly in Tool manager.

Toolmanager sets menu.gif

All tools

All tools tab lists all available Wandora tools. Each row in all tools table views tool's icon, name, description, and types. user can sort the table by clicking any of the table column titles. Right clicking a tool row reveals a context menu with options to execute addressed tool, view info about addressed tool etc.

Toolmanager all.gif

Tool paths

Paths tab lists all Java class paths used to scan available tools. Class paths are represented in a text area editable by Wandora user (See image below). Scan button is used to update all tools list in Wandora. Save button stores edited class paths to Wandora options.

Toolmanager paths.gif

JAR paths

JAR paths tab is used to view and edit paths to JAR files and directories. Wandora scans JAR files for tool classes.

Note about available tools

You should be aware that Wandora contains many experimental, unfinished, and undocumented tools you can access with Tool manager! Using such tool may cause unwanted effects. Remember to save your project once and a while.

More about Wandora tools

Would you like to know more about Wandora tools.

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