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To install your own tool

  • Place your tool Java class file into Wandora's tool directory, by default org/wandora/application/tools.
  • Open Wandora.
  • Open Tool manager.
  • Select generic tool set.
  • Click Add tool and select your tool in tool selector.
  • Close Tool manager.

Now your tool is available at Tools menu and ready to be executed.

Placing the tool Java class file

Tool manager scans through given paths for class files. If scanned class file implements tool interface the class is accepted as a Wandora tool. Tool manager seeks tool classes in class paths specified in the Tool manager's Paths tab. By default the Tool manager seeks tool classes in package org/wandora/application/tools.

If you add new path to Tool manager make sure the path is also Java's class path. To change class path's of Wandora you need to edit bin/SetClasspath.bat and bin/

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