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Wandora is capable to export Topic Map as GraphML formatted graph. Exported GraphML serialization can be later used with external graph applications such as Yed. GraphML export starts with File > Export > GraphML export option.

Export details

  • Each topic is exported as a graph node.
  • Each binary association is converted to an edge between player nodes. Edge's label is association type.
  • If association has more than two players, an extra intermediate node is created and each player is linked to the intermediate node with an edge.
  • If association has only one (or none) player, it is not exported.
  • Each occurrence is exported as a node and an edge between occurrence text and topic node.
  • Subjects, scopes, association roles, and variant names are not exported.

Exported nodes and edges don't include coordinates.

Configuring the export

To configure the GraphML export hold CTRL key down while starting the export. Configuration dialog allows you to select whether or not to

  • Export class-instance relations as edges.
  • Export occurrences as edges.
  • Export n-ary (n>2) associations as edges.
  • Export directed or undirected graph.

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