Tuning Wandora for Mac OS

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To make Wandora runnable in MAC OS with a double mouse click, rename Wandora's startup script Wandora.sh to Wandora.command as shown below. Wandora.sh locates in Wandora installation package's bin folder.

Wandora mac 01.png

Then edit the startup script and add line

cd $(dirname "$0")

before source commands. Added command selects the script folder as the current directory. If you want to place the startup script outside Wandora's bin folder, add line

cd /Users/akivela/Desktop/wandora/bin/

to the script instead. Here the absolute path /Users/akivela/Desktop/wandora/bin/ should address the bin folder of your Wandora installation. Next screen capture views the Wandora.command in default text editor after changes.

Wandora mac 02.png

Now you should be able to run Wandora application by double clicking the Wandora.command.

Next you, as the Mac OS user, might want to change the icon of Wandora.command. Select the Wandora.command, and choose menu option Get Info. Mac OS opens an info window as viewed below.

Wandora mac 03.png

Notice the icon viewed top-left of the window. Download Wandora's Mac OS icons here. After you have extracted the icon file, you can drag and drop it to the info window, over the default file icon, and Mac OS changes the icon of Wandora.command startup script.

Wandora mac 04.png

Now you can close the info window.

Wandora mac 05.png

And double click the icon to run Wandora.

Wandora mac 06.png
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