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Topic Map Export is a configurable exporter module for Drupal 7 that generates a topic map out of Drupal content. The development of the exporter is sponsored by Wandora Team. Topic Map Export is distributed under GPL v3 lisence.



Instructions for installing Drupal can be found here, for testing purposes it is recommended that you put up a local server setup. Here is some good articles on how to setup Drupal on local server.


Exporting topic map from Drupal

Before exporting topic map from Drupal is recommended that you have some content in your Drupal installation. If you are using a clean installation, then I would recommend you to install a contributed Drupal module called Devel. You can use it to generate some content in Drupal site.

  1. First you have enable the Topic Map Export module in the Drupal modules section.

    Drupal - Modules section

  2. After you have enabled the module, goto /topic_map/export. Following screen should be displayed:

    Drupal - Topic Map Export form

  3. In the in configuration screen you can do the following configurations:
    • You can select a preset you wish to use. Selecting a preset will load its default values to configurations below.
    • Selecting the entities will affect which type of content gets exported. When making changes to entities, it will alter the configuration below it.
    • Below the entities you can select what kind associations will get exported. Additional associations will appear if an optional Drupal module Reference is enabled.
    • Some entities when selected, will allow you to select the content types of that entity that get exported.
  4. When you have selected the desired configuration, click the submit button on form and the export process should start.

    Drupal - Topic Map Export process

  5. After the export process is done. You should get message which has a link the exported file. If not, you can find file in: sites/default/files/topicmap_{timestamp}.xtm

    Drupal - Topic Map Export process

Importing topic map to Wandora

  1. Start Wandora and select from top menu File -> Import -> Topic map import
  2. Import dialog should open, from there select Browse
  3. Browse for exported topic map and select that file. It should be located in your in here: drupal_installation/sites/defaut/files/topicmap_{timestamp}.xtm
  4. After you have selected the exported topic, select Import from the import dialog.

    Wandora - Importing topic map

  5. Now your topic map should be imported and you can browse it. You can find the root topic by writing "website" in the Wandora's search field. The root topic should have the same name as you Drupal website.
  6. Double click the resulted topic that has the same name as your website and it should open in the topic viewer. To view topics and associations as a graph, select menu option View -> Topic panel -> Graph topic panel. To view all connected topics, expand the graph a little bit using context menu option Expand nodes recursively.

Wandora - Opened topic map
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