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Permanent labeled edges - Exporting (html) - Online Service

Postby athanassios » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:11 pm

I would like to ask whether it is possible to view the labels on the edges permanently. I mean the labels that appear when you hover the mouse over an edge on the graph topic panel. These labels represent the association type and the roles and therefore it is highly important for the user to be able to view the relations and the roles of the concepts s/he has defined.

The Cmap tools knowledge representation toolkit offers a lot more options regarding the graphical representation such as shape, color, etc....

This might be an excellent addon in Wandora I believe.

Moreover I would like also to demonstrate my maps by exporting them as html I am not exactly sure how I can do that in Wandora.

Moreover it would be nice to have some server online for users to share their maps. I cannot find a cheap host provider that will allow me to install and run Apache server. Do you have plans for such an online service, perhaps it will make some big impact on the project.... ???

Thank you
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Postby akivela » Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:45 pm

Hi Athanassios

Current Wandora version views edge labels only if you roll mouse pointer over the edge. Your idea of viewing edge labels permanently is good. We'll investigate if edge labels could be visible always if the user wishes. I agree, the Graph topic panel could support many nice options, such as adjustable edge stroke, but don't promise anything as our resources to build and enhance the application are limited.

Wandora has a HTML site export feature. Feature exports each topic as a HTML file. HTML files are linked to each other (if topics are associated). Feature is documented at [1]. Notice, if you can program, you can also change the template file used to HTML export.

See also the (standalone version of) JQuery Mobile based topic map browser extra [2]. It provides a nice way to publish your topic maps. All you need is a modern (mobile) WWW browser, few Javascript libraries, a HTML page and your topic map in JTM format.

Also, Wandora includes embedded HTML server. Embedded server has several modules producing different formats. In general, the server is discussed at [3]. You are probably interested in HTML browser module (topic). It generates a dynamic HTML site out of topic map stored in Wandora. Again notice, you can create your own server module following the instructions at [3].

At the moment we have no plans to set up an online service to host topic maps. However, Wandora can import/export topic maps from/to Maiana. Maiana is an online service hosted by Topic Maps Lab. Read more here [4]. Looks like you already have an account in Maiana.

Kind Regards,
Aki / Wandora Team

[1] ... g_WWW_site
[2] ... ap_browser
[3] ... TTP_server
[4] ... and_export
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