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Prepare download

The Wandora application requires a Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 (or later). The JDK is not included in the Wandora distribution packages. It must be downloaded separately from Oracle or OpenJDK.

Look at the system requirements and the license before downloading and installing the Wandora. We emphasize that the Wandora is an ongoing project and the software is incomplete, absolutely contains bugs and the feature set may change without notice.

Downloading Wandora

Download Wandora's latest binary version (build date 2016-05-10, see Change log and Open bugs) here:

Wandora's source code distribution package is here:

Notice, Wandora's distribution packages are available in the SourceForge and Github too. After successful download you may wonder how to install Wandora.


Javadocs are available for online viewing or as a zip package (updated 2016-05-10).

Libraries used by Wandora

Wandora uses many third party libraries. All used libraries are free-to-use and available in Internet. We have included these libraries into Wandora's distribution package. Libraries locate in build/lib folder of Wandora's distribution package and lib folder of Wandora's source code distribution package. Script bin/SetClasspath.bat|sh adds all required libraries to Java's classpath.


All application extras have been placed in the extras folder of the Wandora distribution packages. Application extras include

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